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"...in the first 7 weeks Im nearly at the 10k/mo mark"
"Main membership is $67 per month so I know it's not nearly as much as a lot of people here, but until I make a bigger membership and/or add on to this one I'm happy! So far I have 148 monthly members in the first 7 weeks so Im nearly at the 10k/mo mark and haven't even gotten to volume 9 or the bonus stuff. I just did it just like it says to do. Looking back, it was easy. Next goal after I hit 10k/mo is 25k/mo haha"
Tracy Oliver
"It's not even 11am here yet and I've made 13 $99 sales"
"I had to go through it twice bc i wanted to make sure i got it right. Then i took my time and did everything 'by the book' It's not even 11am here yet and I've made 13 $99 sales. Robert you're the man!"
Stan Delaney
"...Robert is as good as it gets!"
"when you do it his way, you actually create a true membership where people are excited and happy to pay month after month after month..."
Brad SpencerHost at LeverageShow & Founder of Spencer Marketing
"I got $30k+ in sales my first month..."
"So a lot of questions about how I got $30k+ in sales my first month. First of all, to be completely transparent, I've been working with memberships for a while. About 4 years. My biggest month up until now was around the $17k mark (about $16k profit). Not bad, but not Earth shattering either. The thing is, that when I restructured everything this way, it was like strapping on a jetpack. Everything makes sense and it works way easier than how I'd learned before and I immediately got better results. As far as the niche, I'd rather not say exactly what it is, but it's "sports/fitness related" and is seeing good growth in popularity (USE THE 12 STEPS THEY WORK!!!) I'm a data geek and pretty good at projections so everything points to next month being even better. Especially when I start pointing paid traffic to it."
Joseph Romero
"...take all my products away but this one and I know I can be up and profitable in just a few weeks..."
"One of the smartest systems I've seen (and I've seen a lot). You take all my products away but this one and I know I can be up and profitable in just a few weeks. I can't stress enough how great the training is and Robert's support is amazing! Robert is not a normal marketer - he cares and it shows. Bottom line: Get this! You'll never look back and be leaps and bounds ahead of everyone!"
Tom Gaddis
"$10,242 net revenue in my first two weeks. I'm ecstatic!"
"$10,242 net revenue in my first two weeks. I'm ecstatic! I knew there was a little interest in the market I chose but this has been awesome start. My stats are a little wonky because I refunded a few members because I asked if they would help out in the group and I wanted to reward them for that. Even after that, I'm already over the $10k first month hurdle. Niche is a specific type of pet training (not dogs...lol). Very niche but very responsive!"
Lauren Rodgers
"never seen anyone teach his techniques for generating traffic and sales"
"I've bought many courses and never seen anyone teach his techniques for generating traffic and sales. A little effort goes a very long way in learning just how he puts products out on the market. Once set up, things start to snowball and grow naturally. Then to ramp things up to any level you want is a simple process of following the road map you just created with what you learned. Impressive? You bet!"
John Styles
"month 1 results are in: $20,592 gross rev; about $18k of that is profit"
"ok, crew...month 1 results are in: 208 members at $99 apiece. all in: $20,592 gross rev; about $18k of that is profit since i'm upgrading my server to accomodate the increase in traffic (cheap shared server just isn't gonna cut it) Curious to see Robert's thoughts. I know it's not the biggest share seen in the group for the first month but I'm proud. Now I just have to figure out when and how to quit my job! Any suggestions? Thinking of maybe baking a cake with the words 'I QUIT' on it."
Alan Brown
"With everything crazy going on, it sure is nice seeing recurring payments come in each day..."
"Wanted to share: With everything crazy going on, it sure is nice seeing recurring payments come in each day. It's my morning ritual to sip coffee and go over the incoming payments that came in over night. My initial reaction to the pandemic was panic because I thought people would stop purchasing and cancel their memberships. Now I've found the opposite is true. I guess with everyone staying in more, they're concentrating on their memberships more. I couldn't be happier!"
Sean A.
"My 30 day results...a grand total of $15,318..."
"Ooh! Ooh! My turn to share results! I'm in the Pet niche (sorry, I can't be more specific right now) My membership took a whopping 3 days to fully put together (to be fair, I took a long weekend to get it all done ASAP) Price point is $74 pm. My first week I was nervous but it took off in the second week...My 30 day results: 207 members at $74/mo is a grand total of $15,318 recurring. I'm literally in shock every time I see that number because it's more than what both of my parents make combined. Now it's time for me to scale scale scale!"
Rachel V.
Copy this coupon code: EFFORTLESS80
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